Terms and Conditions



  1. Application to participate as a sponsor and/or an exhibitor will be considered only if, the appropriate forms are used for submission, duly filled in and signed. The application is completed when the application form is received by the organization.
  2. In principle, all sponsors will be treated on a first come, first served bases.
  3. The organizer assigns exhibition spaces as far as possible on the basis of the preference expressed by applicants. Application will be considered in order of reception of application forms. The organizer reserves the right, in absolute necessity, to modify the positioning of stands, with no obligation to provide compensation to exhibitors.
  4. The exhibitor is prohibited to sublease the hired booth space to a third party, or to switch booth spaces without contacting the organization.


  1. Reduction: The organizers wish to encourage sponsors & exhibitors to confirm their participation to E-AHPBA Congress 2021 in an early stage.   For commitments received before February 28, 2021 a 10% reduction is applicable.
  2. VAT: All prices are excluding VAT.
  3. Terms of payment: Participation as a sponsor will be invoiced by the sponsorship Manager of e-AHPBA 2021 by email.  The amount will be paid by bank transfer, in euro’s.
  4. Invoicing: First 25% invoice will be sent after booking. 
  • 1st Payment: 25% immediately after booking.
  • 2nd Payment: 75% before June 1, 2021.
Once the sponsorship application form has been signed, a confirmation and an invoice will be sent for the non-refundable payment of 25% of the total amount, which must be paid within three weeks of receipt. The balance of the total payment is due by June 1, 2021.


Notification of a sponsor to cancel sponsored items must be submitted to the sponsorship Manager of E-AHPBA 2021 in writing by email to sponsoring@eahpba2021bilbao.com
The effective date of cancellation or reduction of sponsor items will be the date on which the sponsorship Manager of E-AHPBA 2021 receives the written notice.

  • On receipt of the signed application form, non-refundable 25% of the full sponsor costs will be invoiced.
  • If sponsor is cancelled before June 1, 2021 the 50% of the total must be paid.
  • If sponsor is cancelled after June 1, 2021 the full amount is due.


The organizers accept no responsibility for any damage if the sponsored event is not performed due to any obstacle or hindrance outside the control of the organizers, which they could not reasonably have foreseen when signing this contract and which the organizers could not have avoided at a reasonable effort of cost such obstacles and hindrances include, but are not limited, to the outbreak of war, civil riots, governmental or other obstacles for the freedom of travel, union actions, natural disasters, fire, flooding and any other circumstances that fall within the meaning of the above.
Thank you for being part of E-AHPBA 2021

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