Professor Andrea Frilling


Professor Andrea Frilling

Andrea Frilling is a Professor of Surgery and Chair in Endocrine Surgery at Imperial College London. She is a practising consultant surgeon with an interest in the translation of basic medical research findings into the clinical setting. Current research interests include discovery of novel biomarkers in neuroendocrine gastro-entero-pancreatic tumours and their validation during the patient journey. Utilising ‘omics’ technology she has shown that neuroendocrine tumours exhibit metabonomic patterns, miRNA profiles and gene transcripts signatures which can be used for early diagnosis, treatment selection, prediction of recurrence and assessment of response to therapy. Beside her basic science research work she has conducted comprehensive clinical research on the multimodal management of advanced neuroendocrine tumours, combining surgery with systemic targeted therapies or interventional liver directed technologies. She demonstrated for the first time that neuroendocrine liver metastases appear in three morphologically different growth types which are predictive of outcome. Based on this information she has developed a new algorithm for their treatment. At Imperial she has created an interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence for management of neuroendocrine tumours accredited by the European Neuroendocrine Tumours Society (ENETS) with an emphasis on early diagnosis, multimodal treatment, and translational research.

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