Dr Safi Dokmak


Dr Safi Dokmak

Safi Dokmak (MD, PhD) is a HPB surgeon at Beaujon Hospital (Clichy), University Paris VII, France. He did his surgical training in Paris Hospitals (Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Prais) (1999-2004), whereas he did his residency (2004-2008) in HPB surgery in Beaujon Hospital and since (2008-2020) works in the same hospital as consultant (Praticien Hospitalier). He is an expert in liver surgery, pancreatic surgery, liver and small bowel transplantation, by open and minimally invasive approaches. Furthermore, he is one of the pioneers for the development of pancreatic minimally invasive surgery with personal experience in > 700 cases including all types of resection and many publications. Besides, he has developed many innovations in all fields of HPB surgery including mainly the reconstruction of the vein by the parietal peritoneum. He has published > 180 indexed publications, 10 textbook chapters and > 170 national and international conferences. He has participated in many retrospectives and randomized Europeans studies.

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